Kickstarter campaign launched

We are so proud to announce that we have finally launched our campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the film.  Over the last 9 months we have been extraordinarily lucky to meet the most generous, passionate and like-minded people who are as committed to seeing this dream realized as we are. Without their help and support we would not be able to launch this campaign. For six weeks we have been working feverishly in the background to develop the campaign and come up with the most unique and compelling rewards for our KICKSTARTER backers. And thanks to our partners we are able to offer rewards that feature premium brands such as TribeSports, Outdoor Tech, Hydro Flask, Replace SR, and Skout Organic.

We have also created unique rewards that provide backers with guaranteed access to some of the most high-profile, and often sold-out events around. By backing the film you can run for Team WMY at one or more of these great races. Some our other creative rewards include, Your 15 Seconds of Fame, which gives backers the chance of being in the film by recording a brief Instagram video and tagging #WMYscreentest.

The making of this film has been a labor of love for the four of us and we are on the cusp of realizing our dream. We would not have made it this far without the encouragement of our families and friends, and we are eternally grateful for their support along with the support of our partners. In 30 short days we will know if we get to finish this film the way we want and to do right by the running community.

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Thank you,

Dave, Molly, Jason and Bruce

Below is the link to the campaign on Kickstarter: